Is Lovem a Polish brand?

Yes, Lovem is a Polish brand created by two women. Magda Fangerog-Osipiak and Ewa Sienkiewicz Nature is our love, passion and great fascination. In Lovem cosmetics, we combine natural ingredients that "work together". We believe that full health and perfect well-being is possible only when the heart, mind and body are in perfect harmony.

How is the Lovem brand different from other cosmetics?

Lovem is a natural cosmetics, most of our products contain over 99% natural ingredients. We rely on very old recipes. We are looking for the oldest and best methods and solutions that nature has been offering for centuries for skin care. We love galenic creams ("cold cream), which are the basis of our wonderful creams and concentrates. The first cream known to mankind has a very long history and was created by the Roman physician Galen. The cosmetics are specially protected by the biophotonic Miron glass. In order to minimize allergic reactions as much as possible, we practically do not use essential oils in our products, but only CO2 extracts, which are obtained by a modern method of extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide. We carefully select suppliers of our raw materials. Most of them come from organic farming and are obtained with respect for the environment and respect for people's work. We are a manufactory, we have our own laboratory and the entire process, from the creation of the formulation to the ordering of raw materials, production, packaging and shipping of cosmetics, has no secrets for us. That is why we know best what our cosmetics contain and how they work. We make cosmetics by hand and in small batches. At every stage of production, we care about the highest quality of products and try to harm the Earth as little as possible. Huge passion, love for nature and commitment accompany us at every stage of creating cosmetics.

Do Lovem cosmetics contain natural preservatives?

Water is life. Cosmetics that contain a water phase must therefore be specially protected against the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. They must be safe. In Lovem cosmetics, we use only those preservatives that are approved for use in natural cosmetics and have the approval of the Cosmos and Ecocert certifying bodies. These are ingredients that mostly occur naturally in nature. In Lovem cosmetics, we use the most delicate preservatives and in the smallest amount that guarantees the microbiological safety of the cosmetic for 6-8 months from its production. Cosmetics without a water phase are preserved only with natural vitamin E (a mix of tocopherols) and extracts.

Are Lovem cosmetics safe for pregnant women?

Yes, Lovem cosmetics are safe for pregnant women and for breastfeeding mothers. If there is an ingredient in our cosmetics that is not indicated (e.g. a specific essential oil or retinol), it will be clearly marked in the cosmetic description and on the label.

Do we ship cosmetics outside of Poland?

Yes, we ship cosmetics to every country in the world. Payment methods, costs, time and type of delivery are described in the tab: Purchases & Payments & Delivery.

Do the cosmetics have the documents required by law?

Yes, the cosmetics are completely safe, they have the required tests and safety assessments. They are also entered into the EU CPNP database. The laboratory in which they are made is adapted to the GMP rules and is under the care of the appropriate Sanepid facility.

Can natural cosmetics cause allergies?

Lovem cosmetics are made of natural raw materials (mostly ecological), sometimes they can also cause an allergic reaction in very sensitive people. It is best to test a small fragment of the skin and discontinue the cosmetic if an allergic reaction occurs.

Are Lovem cosmetics tested on animals?

They have not been, are not and will not be tested on animals.

Are Lovem cosmetics suitable for vegans?

Most of the cosmetics in our offer are suitable for vegans. But to some we add ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax or lanolin. The description of each cosmetic contains information whether the product is suitable for vegans.

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